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You have been hired by the city of Las cruses, NM to evaluate future water needs. your calculation will be utilized in evaluating future water planning alternatives for the city. Using reference materials available from the library make a 30 year projection (2046) of the city\’s population (you may also get your population information off from the web). use all four techniques to project the population; ( linear growth method (algebraic), uniform percentage method, logistic growth and declining growth method). once you have modeled the growth, select the method you feel best represent the future growth pattern of the city and explain why you have selected that method. using the current population and the projected population determine the present and future water usage requirements. Calculate the following values for both the present and the future case: ( average annual day, maximum day, maximum hour). The parts of the particular interest are: ( 4 page report giving a brief background, population model discussion, population projection results. this section must contain a number of tables including population data, peaking factors and water use data present and future. it should also contain enough figures to explain to the city council what is going on. minimum is a figure showing the relationship between the models and the actual data. Finally a section on recommendation and conclusion. (there may be no recommendation in this case). An appendix which contain sample calculation and all of your thinking.

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