Research Paper, Finance and Accounting trend and the impact of financial report restatement disclosure.

I have already wrote the outline & proposal for this essay. I can also send over all the source document. Please refer to the comments on the side of the proposal when writing this paper.

The brief outline for the paper should be:
1) Intro(1pg).
2) Literature review(8-10 pages)
3) Original Thoughts & comparison to the result of literature review(2-3 pages)
4)Conclusion. (1 page)

There won’t be analytical part in the paper (even was stated in the proposal).

The major part of the paper should be literature review. (8-10 pages)

Please please please do not plagiarism. And please insert correct reference.

Research Term Paper Proposal

The purpose of this paper is to explore the trend and the impact of financial report restatement disclosure. And to what extend the influence does the financial report restatement have on market price, regulation enforcement and etc.
In the introduction part of the paper, I will briefly discuss the trend of the financial report restatement over past 25 years, by using some historical examples such as Enron, Waste Management financial report restatements.
In the second paragraph, I will research on the regulatory changes over the 25 years, including the appearance of Sarbane-Oxley Act and other regulations for public companies. (This topic can be breaken into several paragraphs with detailed literature review)
The next component of the paper will present some findings from previous researches done by other scholars related to the market reactions based on financial restatement announcement.
The next paragraph of this component will be some researches done before enacting SOX regulation. How much did the market react towards the financial statement announcement. The second paragraph will be some research findings after SOX became effective.
The following part should be the original thoughts on what are the impact of companies’ financial restatements.
Next paragraph can be the comparison between original thoughts and literature review.

Then it’s the conclusion.

There are several questions needed to be answered in literature review part as following:
1)Will there be a severe impact on stock price after the announcement of financial report restatement?
2)Will those restatements affect the investors opinion on the market value of the company?
3)How quickly the investor will react towards the announcement of the restatements?
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Those attachments are my proposal with comments from Professor. and the rest are the academic papers you might want to use.

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