research paper on Italy

Suggested: ~1-1.5 pagesthe country that i am doing is Italy please answer following questionDiscuss several (i.e., 2-3) of the nation’s cultural values or dimensions (e.g. individualism/collectivism, power distance, etc.), and explain how they might impact an American working in this country. Highlight especially those that are different from the U.S., and explain what these differences mean.this is instruction on work cited. the source must be legitamate .. please list the website and not include in 2 pages . please add extra page as the website. 2 pages paper should not include cover page. 2 pages must only include the answersyou may include them, if you have 8 other article sources. Websites should be used selectively, as not all websites are equally legitimate. Somewhat more reputable websites include those from the U.S. government, SHRM, CountryWatch, Mergent Online, and Stat USA. However, many websites have little or no validity.· Over-reliance on one source is discouraged and will be penalized.Example of citation within the body of the paper:Gibson (2007) defines cultural diversity as “the representation, in one social system, of people with distinctly different group affiliations of cultural significance” (p. 6). In another study, Harrison, Birkinshaw, and Chan (2005) dichotomize diversity into two categories – surface level (e.g., race, gender) and deep level (e.g., personality) characteristics. In the current study, diversity attitudes are assessed toward two primary or surface level types of diversity – gender and race –expected to be important markers of diversity because they are salient, visible characteristics (Harrison et al., 2005; Williams & O’Reilly, 2008).

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