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You will prepare a paper on an issue concerning human-animal relationships (see Schedule for due date). This paper will be a position paper, in that you will develop points and counterpoints concerning (i.e., alternative perspectives) on the identified issue. The Term Paper project will have 3 stages of development:
Stage 1: Outline
You will first develop an outline. We recommend you meet and go over your outline with your TA, but this is optional. The outline will be graded and you will receive feedback.
Stage 2: Term Paper version 1
The feedback on the outline will guide you to successfully write your Term Paper. Put in your best effort–write it as if it is your final version. This Term Paper v.1 will be graded and you will receive feedback.
Stage 3: Term Paper version 2
You will be able to incorporate the feedback of Term Paper v.1 into a revised, rewritten paper. This revised Term Paper v.2 will be graded. If you receive an A (90-100%) on the v.1, you have the option of using that grade for your v.2 paper. (Simply submit a Word document to the Assignment folder in D2L saying For Term Paper v.2 I wish to keep my same A grade that I earned from Term Paper v.1)
Instruction files

acbs_term_paper_instructions_v3.docx(524,85 KiB)

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