Research Proposal. Female Genital Mutilation Among Black Community In United Kingdom.

Research Proposal. Female Genital Mutilation Among Black Community In United Kingdom.
-Introduction. (What is your research about? What is the aim of your research?
In this section, you should specify the aim and research question for your proposed research. This section should also give a general context to your study and justify the importance of your chosen topic. (600 words)

2. Literature Review. What is already known in relation to your chosen research area / topic?.
This section you should summarise, discuss and evaluate the academic sources that are relevant to your research area.
This will show your understanding of literature to your proposed research. It is important that your reviews are organised and synthesised around themes and questions. It is also important to identify a gap or deficiency in the existing literature to justify the importance of your research.
Provide relevant studies to illustrate thesis statement above.
Bring up the aim and focus of the proposed research again
(800 words)
3.Methodolgy.The research will be conducted by using qualitative methods.
-Justify why qualitative research
-Qualitative research is convenient for this study as it produces empirical data through one to one interviews in order to get detailed in- depth answers to the research questions.
-Justify why qualitative research is suitable for the proposed project?
-State the method for data collection and the potential participants / community.
-Justify why interviews would be useful in the proposed research?
-Data will be analysed using thematic analysis, analysis will focus on the content of the interview data as Braun and Clarke (2006) states, thematic analysis will allow analysing the qualitative data using an accessible and flexible approach.
-It is important to note that you should not just describe the proposed methods, but also provide a justification for your choice.
(600 words).
4.Harvard Referencing.
What academic sources are you using in this proposal? List them.
This includes all references used in your research proposal. This must be done using Harvard referencing convention.

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