Research the wealth of information presented through the PMI web site.

Project Management Institute (PMI) is focused on providing plenty of details on various aspects of project management globally. Research the wealth of information presented through the PMI web site Especially look at the Pulse of the Profession report and the Economic Snapshot report and write a detailed account of your understanding about Project Management as a profession and its global outlook. Use the Report Template posted on Blackboard for report content. This template has the grading rubric built-in. For writing this report you should check both print and online resources besides PMI website. You may use any information from newspapers, only to the extent that you can corroborate them from other reliable sources. You will find useful information from Wall Street Journal in this regard. Follow the guidelines in the syllabus for preparing the report. The report should be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on the due date to the Safe Assignment link on Blackboard. Several minutes after submission you should be able to see the originality Report in Blackboard under the column “Matching” for your submission. Include 5 to 10 references and list the reference details such as author(s), volume, page numbers, year of publication or web link, as the case may be. Do not collaborate with any other student in class in writing this report. I am looking for your analysis of the information that you present and so any item quoted should be brief. If the originality report shows a match of more than 15% then I will consider the report to be not your work and deduct points accordingly. If the originality report shows a match of 50% or more then I will consider the report to be plagiarized and will take appropriate actions, including assigning an F grade for the course and/or reporting the matter to the appropriate authorities at TSU as mentioned in the syllabus

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