Respiratory Distress

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I am writing a case study for my respiratory class. All I need for you to do is find me six resources( three from texts, other three from journals/articles) and type the work cited page for me. The topics for the resources I would like included are: pulmonary embolism(how we get them, how they are treated), nitrous oxide and how it is used with oxygen during intubation, Ludwig angina (what is it), a CT of pulmonary embolism, information about DVTs, the medication Heparin and what it used for.
My case study is about a patient that came in to the hospital with dental pain. He had surgery done for the abscesses, and ended up developing bilateral DVTs as well as bilateral PE’s. He was intubated and his oxygen requirements from the ventilator required nitrous oxide. His outcome did not look good, but some how recovered and is now trached and doing ok. (maybe you can make me see how he went from going to die, to being trached and doing fine).
I will write this paper, I just need some help with the resources and work cited page. If you could just add some information from the resources and cite it like you would if it were in the paper, I will put it in where I need it. I hope this makes sense. I really do not need much from you, but this would greatly be appreciated. Again, just need 6 resources, only three can be texts, the other three journals/articles. Some information from each source, cited like it would be if in the paper, and I will plug it in where I need it. Please do not forget the work cited page. I will need the first page of any article/journal used but as long as I have the URL I can look up the journal and print it off myself.
Please provide me the links/sources so I can go online and follow them.