Restraints and increased education among nurses.Explain

A literature search. See below articles.
Prepare a summary of the process you used including the barriers and difficulties you encountered in implementing this search.
Identify at least four articles on your topic.
Use Ref Works to organize your references.
Cosper, P., Provine, B., and Morelock, V. (2014). Please release me restraint reduction initiative in a health care system. Journal of Nursing Care Quality, (30)1.
Curran, S. (2007). Staff resistance to restraint reduction: identifying and overcoming barriers. Journal of Psychosocial Nursing & Mental Health Services, 45(5), 45-53.
Hannys Quality Institute. (2011). Leading the quest for quality: 2011 Profiles in quality and patient safety. Retrieved from–South%20Nassau%20Communities%20Hospital–restraints.pdf
The Joint Commission. (2009). Restraint /Seclusion for hospitals that use the joint commission for deemed status purposes. Retrieved from

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