Revolutionary war

It will be assumed that you are using the Gross book and the Divine text book; if you use any other sources, submit a bibliography. Reference quotes, paraphrases, and items of specific information that should be associated with the author (that is, don’t bother to reference something generally known such as the date of independence or the author of the Declaration). You may use either footnotes or parentheses for references. You may use any recognized referencing format, but on first reference include author’s full name, title (of book or article, publishing company or magazine, date, page number). I don’t need the city it was publsihed in. After that, on later references to the same source, just use lat name followed by comma and page number. Example: Robert  Gross, The Minutemen and Their World, Hill and Wang, 1976, p. 189).

This paper will focus on themes developed in The Minutemen and Their World, by Robert Gross, and relate them to the larger American picture. You will also find other sources useful –the Divine text, MHL readings, and other reliable ones. sources you may find. My experience is that once you get going with a very general source like those, you lose touch with the book you should be using.

Choose one from the following:
1} Explain Concord’s set of ideals that they had inherited from their 17th-century ancestors. What pressures eroded the power of these ideals? Describe parallels among Americans in general of that time.
2) How did Concord’s understanding of representation and government evolve during the crisis leading up to the Revolution? How did this parallel the changing of how Americans at large felt? (Be sure to discuss “Whigs” and “real Whigs.”)
3) How did the war impact Concordians and Americans in general (not only physically, but also emotionally and politically)?
4)  Describe how Concordians responded to postwar pressures and set about organizing their future. How did this reflect national trends?
5) Discuss the shifting role religion played in sometimes dividing, sometimes inspiring, sometimes empowering the people of Concord. How did this reflect New England or national trends?

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