Road Rage Literature

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Resources in Criminal Justice
Digital Text Book
Title: Basics of research methods in criminal justice and criminology (2nd ed.) (2009)
Author: Maxfield, M.G., and Babbie, E..
Publisher: Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

Writing Assignment: Review of Literature
Construct a 3-page paper responding to the following:
* Review and summarize the relevant prior research relating to your selected research topic: “Road Rage” (info given at bottom of this request).

1. Briefly summarize from at least 4 journal articles, government reports, or databases on your topic – be sure to identify the sources of your statistical data
2. Summarize statistical data where appropriate.
3. Present the important information from each of the sources. (It is not a summary if you simply list what kind of information can be found in the article.)
4. What did these data sources and/or information reveal? Support your findings. Use proper citations when necessary.

Find RELATED information and statistics from your articles (authoritative sources), which you can present in your Literature Review. You may not find specific information EXACTLY on your topic. This is not a problem. Be sure to summarize and indicate the main elements of the studies and any related statistics, data, or mathematical contributions made regarding the topic.
In addition to researching your general topic, you may be able to use information (data, statistics, and etc.) from the following criminal justice sources:
Bureau of Justice Statistics:
Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics:
Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Reports:
Furthermore, you may find state-level data by typing the name of your state and the words crime statistics in quotes; for example, “Florida crime statistics.”

APA specifications are expected to be followed in the format of the proposal, the citations, and the references.
More information on writing your project is noted in the Resources page in this unit.

** General Topic: Road Rage

Problem: Cause of road rage varies (i.e.: natural aggressive demeanor, bad day, late for work), but the outcome can be the same regardless of cause? (i.e.: public endangerment and fatalities).

Theory: Increase in fines for numbered offences, revocation of driving privileges.