Select a element of your choice from the periodic table ( We picked Copper) and address in detail at least one form that is found in nature, one method of exaction and purification and present at least one industrial application of the pure element.

The paper need to follow the following Format:- Abstract-Introduction ( Frame the context of your paper and identify the importance of the subjected matter)-Methods (Synthetic details, characterization techniques, presentation of the experimental data)-Discussion ( Data analysis, establish the relevance of the experimental results, discussion of the progress generated by the data)-Conclusion-Reference ( use the ACS format)******** Purpose:* study the natural occurrence of certain elements*Explore the extraction and purification techniques as they apply to the selected element.*Explore the properties and uses of the selected element*Explore the scientific literature for relevant original articles on a selected topic.*Practice reading and analyzing scientific data presented in scientific literature.*Practice writing in clear and concise manner.*Practice the writing conventions of chemistry*Practice developing clearly stated thesis statements.*Practice organizing scientific content in a logical and clear sequence####### I also attact the brief prospectus you wrote last week and fixed by my professor. So, you can read and base on it to write better. Thanks.

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