Self-Assessment Confidential Journal – Problematic Conflict Interactions

Project description
For this Journal entry (150-400 words), think back over the past few weeks and reflect on any problematic conflict interactions you have had (e.g., complaints, hurtful messages, defensiveness, contempt, or stonewalling). Select two problematic interactions (for example, one complaint episode and one occasion when you became defensive) and in two separate paragraphs do the following for EACH interaction:

Explain what happened.

Explain why you think you behaved as you did.

Explain what you would do differently if you could engage in the interaction again. If you wouldn\’t do anything differently, explain why.

IMPORTANT: When explaining why you behaved as you did, stick to discussing your own internal attributions, emotions, etc. Do NOT simply justify your behavior as a response to the other person\’s behavior; recognize the choices you made in how you responded.

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