Self Reflection

Write a paper reflecting on what you learned in this class and how you anticipate integrating this learning into your perspectives and practice as a social worker. Focus on a particular problem or population in rural communities where services are impacted. What course content had the most impact on your learning and why? What would you like to know more about? Incorporate at least three required readings or those from the list of required readings into the reflection paper.

Resources to use:
Course Text: Daley, M.R. (2015). Rural social work in the 21st century. Chapter 8.
Journal Article Assignments (Required):

Daley, M. R., & Hickman, S. (2011). Dual relations and beyond: Understanding and addressing ethical challenges for rural social work. Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics, 8(1).
Websites and Video Resources:

Watch: Therapist Burnout in Rural Communities (Time 3:26 mins) Transrpt
Watch: Managing Therapeutic Boundaries in Rural Areas (Time 3:16 mins) Transrpt
Literature Review Journal Articles:

Blue, E.T., Kutzler, A.M., Marcon-Fuller, S. (2014). Ethical guidelines for social work supervisors in rural settings. Contemporary Rural Social Work, 6.
Brocious, H., Eisenberg, J., York, J., Shepard, H., Clayton, S., & Van Sickle, B. (2013). The Strengths of Rural Social Workers: Perspectives on Managing Dual Relationships in Small Alaskan Communities. Journal of Family Social Work, 16(1), 4-19.
Daley, M. R., & Doughty, M. O. (2006). Ethics complaints in social work practice: A rural-urban comparison. Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics, 3(1). (more readable version of the text sans table)
Galambos, C. (2005). Ethics forum: Rural social work practice: Maintaining confidentiality in the face of dual relationships. Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics, 2(2).
Healy, T. C. (2003). Ethical practice issues in rural perspective. Journal of Gerontological Social Work, 41(3-4), 265-285. doi:10.1300/J083v41n03_05

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