Senior Video would offer video games for senior citizens who wish to maintain their mental and sensory motor agility.Explain

The paper should start with a brief statement—no more than five lines—reminding the reader of the proposal. For example:

PROPOSAL: Senior Video would offer video games for senior citizens who wish to maintain their mental and sensory motor agility.

You should cite at least fifteen sources. Relevant issues will vary among ventures, but some issues that may be of interest are:
Characteristics, resources, and potentials of direct or indirect competitors for your venture
Characteristics of the target market and significant differences from other segments
Insights learned from the introduction of other products that have relevant similarities to the one in question
The extent of dissatisfaction with the current situation or offerings among members of the target market
Appropriate issues in pricing, distribution, and promotion
Societal and/or other environmental changes that may favor or complicate the proposed offering
Issues that will need to be researched to make a decision on entry into this market
Ethical issues (if significant)
Issues of technological feasibility

Your discussion should emphasize issues of managerial importance—considerations in whether and how you might introduce this product. The managerial implications should be sufficiently well developed and discussed explicitly.

MANAGERIAL IMPLICATIONS: Managerial implications refer to the practical use of the information and/or observations made for making decisions–e.g., whether to go ahead with a venture, how much to invest, which distribution system to use, or how to allocate the firm’s budget among items such as research and development, advertising and promotion, and market research. In other words, how is the information practically useful for a manager?

The paper starts with a brief reminder of the proposal description (no more than five lines).
The research is based on legitimate books, periodicals, and other quality and objective materials. Most web sites not associated with quality periodicals are not acceptable.
At least ten sources have been expressly cited and at least fifteen sources have been listed.
All sources are clearly cited. A citation includes at least the author(s)’ name(s), if available, the year of publication, and article title (if applicable). A hyperlink is NOT a legitimate citation!
A bibliography or list of sources is included.
Managerial implications are sufficiently developed and emphasized.
Reasoning for conclusions is clearly articulated.
Any assumptions are clearly identified.
The term “etc.” (or other ambiguous terms) is not used.
Direct quotations have been minimized. Whenever possible, sources have been paraphrased. A draft of the evaluation form for this assignment is available on the course web site but is subject to revision.

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