Shadowy Deals

The Paper is a simple Literature Review and should only give insight into \”Shadowy Deals\”.The Literature Review is about \”Shadowy Deals\” in the Finance Sector. It would be best to compare Shadowy Deals in the Finance and Real-Estate sector, such as Rent-To-Buy Deals, and their similarities and differences. It would furthermore be essential to mention other Shadowy Deals including the Global Arms Trade, which is often dubios yet in most cases legal. The Literature Review will be evaluated by the following predefined criteria:• of the problem and of the aim of the paper/research question (9 points)• Logical layout, structure and analysis (9 points)• Specific work on the problem, plausibility of the presentation (27 points)• Hints to further links and questions, possibly connection between theory and practice, own ideas (max. 5 additional points in given cases)• Formal presentation (Typo, …) (18 points)• Language, orthography (9 points)• Choice of literature, work with the literature, quotations (18 points)In total, you can achieve a maximum of 90 examination points.

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