Should deaf children receive Cochlear Implant?Explain

INSTRUCTION FOR WRITING A NARRATIVE ESSAY: The goal of this assignment is to acquaint you with the manners of writing a narrative essay. The point of this essay is to discuss how the material presented to you in class, via readings, and via your own research has influenced your opinion on the cochlear implant and whether a deaf child should receive one. You should also consider whether that deaf child (with or without a cochlear implant) should be exposed to Deaf culture. You should start with your original opinions (yes or no, a deaf child should get a CI. And yes or no, a deaf child should be exposed to Deaf culture). The essay will then describe how your opinion has been changed or reinforced by your new knowledge provided by class. The essay will then end with your current opinion on the topic. Note: there is no correct answer to this question, and we will not grade on your opinion. The point is for you to write how your opinion has been influenced by what you have been leaning.

A reference list is required for this assignment. Essentially, you will need to provide concrete examples of material that has influenced your opinion. Materials can be lecture slides, readings, discussions with classmates, films, and websites. Because this is a story and an opinion piece, you can use whatever resources you deem appropriate. You should cite at least 4 different sources: class slides can only be one of those sources.

This is important also!!!
I will upload files which are instruction of narrative essay, instruction of citation, grading rubric and class materials. Please follow instructions that I upload it.

I want you( a writer) to write clear thesis statement in the introduction. Why deaf child need a Cochlear Implant surgery? How Cochlear implant help their speech and hearing? Why deaf people who use American Sign Language do not like to have Cochlear Implant surgery? and etc. there is pros and cons of Cochlear implant.

please research first if you do not know about this topic. make outline for this paper.
and then start write this paper. make sure writing your standpoint with opinions about Cochlear Implant. Need to write Introduction, body, and conclusion

I will keep revise this paper if your work does not meet with my satisfaction.

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