Should Flag Burning be Legal?

Guiding Questions:
a) In the Preamble to The Declaration of Independence,It states that, \”all men are created equal\” and born with certain \”unalienable rights\” such as \”Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.\” However, in todays America, it appears as if only certain groups of people are enjoing these rights. This argument is based on racial tensions and socio-economic differences that have existed throughout Americas history, and have escalated over the past couple of years. Based on this, do you agree or disagree flag burning should be used as a form of protest? Why or why not?
b) List countries in which flag burning is permitted and where is it not. What are the consequences?
c) is there a better way to protest injustices other than burning a flag? Explain your method and why it would be more effective.

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