Skill is as important as ambition and drive.Explain

Skill is as important as ambition and drive
According to the article “Math and After Math” Namioka describes how she first embarked on one career path and then later discovered her true talent. And she describes how she stood out in her classmates as a girl who was good at math. In America, it was unusual for a girl to be good at math. She finally oud that she didn’t have creative enough in mathematics, nor did she have the drive then she turned to writing and translate paper. Namioka thinks ambition and drive is more important than skills, but in my mind, I think skills is as important as ambition and drive.
Passion cannot be taught, but skills can. You can take a class on project, but I haven’t found a class or professor on how to fall in love with something that people don’t like. In the “Math and After Math” when the writer was young, she felt math class was an absolute nightmare, but after she immigrated to America, she fell in love with mathematics, because she found she learned the table even faster than other classmates, she felt very happy; then she fell in love the process of solve the math’s problems, she got pleasure and fulfillment from math. If she stayed in China, she couldn’t fall in love with math, because she didn’t have passion in mathematic.
Ambition and drive are easiest. If you are interested in something, you will pay attention to it. It is the enthusiasm we have for something, or the act of doing something. The simple fact that we are passionate about something does not mean we can succeed at it. In China, we have a very popular show call: “Good Voice of China”. There are many people who love music to take part in this show, they hope that they can seek approval from the music experts. They are learning music very hardly, and they also take all kinds of music classes. But in the end they failed, the reason is in the eyes of music experts they don’t have a wonderful or very special voice.
Ambition and drive do not equate to skills. Skill is required regardless of passion. It does not matter how much we love something, there are no shortcuts. I have heard it said, “There is no glory in practice, but without practice there is no glory. Skill is something you earn. Skill is best exemplified by the “10,000-hour rule”; made famous by Malcom Gladwell in his book, outliers, and based on a study by Anders Ericsson. The premise is that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert in any particular field or study. I have a friend who emigrated to Australia, the reason for immigration is he has a high level of IT program; technology companies of Australia hire him to do the high-tech program. And now in the many countries, if you have outstanding skills in certain areas like Information Technology or Medical Science, the government can offer high payments to hire and also can help you to emigrate.
When we think about what is needed to be successful in life and in our work, we usually think about characteristics like value, talent, ambition. If you do something without ambition and drive do not mean you are not good at it, also do not mean that you will be failed. But if you have ambition and drive, you will feel happy and have motivated to do anything. In conclusion, I think skill is as important as ambition and drive.

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