Social Program for Foster Children.Discuss

Topic: Social Program for Foster Children

ASSIGNMENT DESCRIPTION: Topic: Social Program for Foster Children

The fundamental principle of American democracy is that the government not only represents its people but it also listens to them and addresses the concerns of its people. In this Final Research paper, you are to identify a concern/issue of your interest and evaluate whether our political system (including the government) is listening/has listened and is addressing the issue.


It is important that you do a thorough research on the issue and provide specific detailed information.

Topic background
How did the topic come to the attention of the public/government?
Who are the major contributors to the topic? How are they involved? Why? Who are on the opposition side? Why?
Are there any data to include?
What actions have been taken by the interest groups, government, media?
What solutions have be proposed or made?

Where to find information:

DBU library –
You’ll find: Peer reviews/academic journals
DBU Writing Center:

Government websites: Library of Congress Research
Other helpful sites:,

Interest group websites

think-tank websites (think-tanks are research institutions) ( )

Unacceptable sources are:

Wikipedia – You can use this site to get ideas but cannot use it as a reference.
Random websites ending in “.com” – You can always email be to check on the appropriateness of a .com website.

Source/Reference Requirements:

At least 5 credible references (any .edu or .org are acceptable)
Use MLA citation style – or

Writing Your Paper

The Final Research Paper is a combination of descriptive and analytical political paper. It is NOT a report about the topic. For example, if your topic is on abortion, it can’t be just describing about abortion. You’ll need to write abortion in the political context. Describe how government is involved, including people, media, and interest groups, to influence and resolve the issue.

Issue Description – Information must be accurate and presented from a neutral viewpoint (both sides if needed):

Identify & describe the issue/problem in the political context
Discuss the cause(s) of issue/problem
How did it become a public agenda?
How did the government react to it? (State or Federal government)

i. Bill? Laws? Court cases? Executive orders?

Was there non-government sector (interest groups, media, etc) involved? How?
Any resolutions? Potential resolution? Attempted resolution?

Political Analysis – Analysis must be connected with political ideas and concepts learned in the course:

· Was it the work of federalism?

· Did the media dictate government policy?

· Is our government truly run by the people?

· Who took the lead: executive, legislative, or judicial branch? Was it appropriate?

· Was the resolution legitimate? Or, why wasn’t there a resolution?

· Why is it a political issues?

Your Perspective/Your Evaluation – Given the facts, how should Christians respond to the political issue? Is it Constitutional?

Paper Requirements:

Cover sheet
7 pages: double spaced (not including cover sheet and reference page)
Include page number
Do not plagiarize. You’ll be submitting your paper via Turnitin software within Blackboard which will check for plagiarism. Reword 90% of all information you read.

Grading Factors:

Organized and well written
Accurate information
Amount of information


I. Introduction

a. Introduction of your topic

b. Thesis statement-

i. EX: More and more elderly population is being neglected. If the government doesn’t intervene, they fail in their duty to provide this population with a general welfare and the right to live.

II. Body

a. Background/historical information of your topic or description of the problem/issue

b. Government (national or state) involvement in dealing with the problem/issue

i. Attempts, Bills, Laws, lawsuit

ii. Executive, Legislative, or Judicial Branch involvement

iii. Analysis – Your evaluation of government action

c. Other non-government organization involvement (media, lobby groups, non-profits)

i. How have they tried to solve the issue?

ii. How have they “influenced” the government?

iii. Analysis

d. Is/was there a solution?

i. Effective?

ii. Successful?

iii. Analysis

III. Conclusion thoughts

a. You stand – why or why not

b. Christian standpoint

c. Your suggestive solution

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