\”Reaction Papers to the required readingsYou are required to read the assigned text sections before class. You are to write a reaction of at least 300 words to EACH chapter to be turned in at the first class in which the chapter will be discussed. This reaction paper should be about something in the readings that caught your attention, or something with which you made a connection or found interesting. I am looking for your personal opinions on something in the readings. For example, when we discuss social influence, maybe you or someone you know bought a car and was influenced by the salesperson, and you can write about your or their experience. Personal stories are fine, but make sure you stick to the topics. I do NOT want a summary of the chapters. We will also view three FILMS for which you are required to write a reaction paper. There are 12 readings in the text plus three films, so each paper will be worth 1% of the total grade. Late or short (less than 300 words) reaction papers will receive half credit.\”Hi, the paper should have 300 words at least but as it shows me one page is about 275 words, so I pick \”Senior\” for the academic level, I hope that\’s enough for the extra 25 words, the correct academic level should be \”Sophomore\”.I will also upload the syllabus of the course and please follow the direction exactly.Please feel free to ask me if having any questions, thank you!

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