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Please answer the following six questions. Generally, please write around 2 typed pages per question for a total of approximately 12 typed pages (12 point, standard fonts, 1 inch margins, double-spaced.

Question #1: What is sociology? In what ways is it a science? What are the other social sciences and what do they study?

Question #2: Explain the theories of Comte and Marx. How did they view the world differently? How are the modern theories of functionalism and conflict theory based on their ideas?

Question #3: What is culture? What are norms and values (be sure to discuss all the types of norms)? What is meant by the term ethnocentrism? Is it a good or a bad thing?

Question #4: Explain what socialization is — be sure to discuss the nature/nurture debate, and the ways in which our development socially and cognatively influences our socialization. Also, explain the ideas of Piaget and GH Mead and how they relate to our socialization.

Question #5: What are roles and statuses and how do they relate to each other? What is meant by role strain and conflict? What do the experiments discussed in the lecture and the videos we watched tell us about individuals’ behavior in groups (be sure to be specific and discuss all 3 experiments)?

Question #6: What is bureaucracy — why does it exist and what are its major characteristics? What are some of the problems (or dysfunctions) of bureaucracy?