song of roland

book report on the song of Roland

Papers should respond to the following questions:
1.    What characteristics of leaders are admired in the reading?  (Choose and describe a leader who represents the values of the author.)  Refer to specific examples in the reading, and give page citations.

2.    What human struggles are described?  Most of the readings include battle and war, as well as conflicts between individuals, and even within the mind of a protagonist.  Choose and describe the struggle you feel is most significant for the reading.  Refer to specific examples in the reading, and give page citations.

3.    What does this reading say to us in 2012?  Give a specific example in the reading (with page citation), and explain the meaning or parallel in today’s experiences.

Papers must be submitted on Blackboard, using “Safe Assignment.”  SO there can be no plagiarism

Papers must be typed and double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman or equivalent type, 1-inch margin.  Sources must be cited, using parenthetical notes (MLA format), for all information that is not your own analysis.  (This includes analysis and facts from other authors, whether quoted or restated.  Direct quotes must be in quotation marks, or indented and single-spaced if long quotes.)

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