Source analysis

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Pages: 1
Subject: Essays

To complete this assignment, you must first read the following sources that are in the attachment.

“Michael Barone, U.S. News and World Report, December 27, 1999″

“William Pfaff, International Herald Tribune, April 9, 2002″

“Robert Kagan, Washington Post, May 26, 2002

“Thomas Sowell: Cultural Diversity”

After reading these sources, write a compare/contrast essay based upon the following questions/topics:

Identify the main ideas in each of the first three sources and compare and contrast them.Where do they agree?Where do they disagree?

After reading the selection on cultural diversity, consider whether the ideas suggested by Barone, Pfaff and Kagan in regards to U.S. foreign policy are supportive of or in contrast to the main theme argued by Sowell about global civilization.