Space Between the Dimensions

Write a three page paper answering the questions below. Each section should be approximately one page. You must use at least 4 references (2 for each question) and it must be grammatically correct. Points will be deducted for grammar errors. Your references may come from your readings about sensibilities and/or globalization or from other research you complete.1. By asking you a simple question, I want to see where the answer will take you! With all the choices out there, how can you possibly figure out what job is right for you? Think of if the new job be filled with co-workers who share your sensibilities, or will have to fake it to get along….. The key word here is “sensibilities” those values, behaviors, and personality traits that make you feel like you’re among kindred spirits. Did you think the new job will stretch your mind and build your skills and otherwise take you out of your comfort zone, or make you feel like you are entering at the top of your game?2. What is Globalization mean to you? Globalization is one of the most charged issues of the day. It is everywhere in public discourse – in TV sound bites and slogans on placards, in web-sites and learned journals, in parliaments, corporate boardrooms and labor meeting halls. Extreme opponents charge it with impoverishing the world\’s poor, enriching the rich and devastating the environment, while fervent supporters see it as a high-speed elevator to universal peace and prosperity. So, what did you think?Note: There is no right or wrong answer to these questions; however, this is a critical thinking exercise and it is important that you are operating at a post-conventional level.This paper should be 3 pages.*PLEASE DO NOT FORGET PROPER APA FORMATTING/ POINTS WILL BE DEDUCTED FOR FORMATTING ERRORS*

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