Special and Remedial Education

the assignment has to be on (Sandra L. Christenson) researches and books on Special and Remedial Education field

1_ the annotated bibliography has to includes a minimum of two (2) peer-reviewed journal articles, one book, and one on-line resource (on-line journal, a web page, blog, etc.). * 10 points
* all these have to be done by Sandra L. Christenson

2_ Each annotation or summary includes 3_ 4 sentences to summarize the main idea(s) of the item, and 2 or 3 sentences to relate the material to your research topic and/or to evaluate the ?material: 10 points

3_ The works cited are correctly formatted in APA style: 20 points

4. The annotated bibliography is correctly formatted in APA style note that: the APA format has to be the 6th edition :10 points

to find her articles and books and the other stuff

enter the library home page then type PsycINFO in Search for Databases by Keyword
id: 101793130

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