Sport Concussion In Kids

Hello you did my annotated bibliography before. Now I need research tidbits, an outline and thesis statement. This will continue on to a rough draft at a later date.

example of tidbit structure
Daines, Richard F. A Tax That Invests in Our Health. Patterns for College Writing. Laurie G. Kirszner and Stephen R. Mandell. Boston: Bedfords, 2012. 632-633. Print.

Many adults and children are overweight due to the added amount of unnecessary sugar. (Daines 632)

300 more calories are taken in today then it was 30 years ago due to soda and energy drinks (Daines 632).

Daines has his M.D. and serves as the Health Commissioner for New York.

Daines has been a doctor seeing that more and more patients are obese and a scoutmaster seeing that sugary energy drinks are promoted.

About $7.6 billion is spent in New York annually to treat obesity-related illnesses (Daines 633).

Obesity is a big problem in the economy, it is costing us more in tax money and destroying health (Daines 633) .

The market is failing due to the rising cost of vegatables and fruits and not the rising costs of sodas but making them more affordable (Daines 633).

Leonhardt, David. Fat Tax. Patterns for College Writing. Laurie G. Kirszner and Stephen R. Mandell. Boston: Bedfords, 2012. 636-639. Print

40% of deaths are caused from behavior (Leonhardt 637).

Obesity is costing the country $147 billion and growing (Leonhardt 637).

The government will have to get involved in order to help change the way Americans think and help to give them the opportunity to work out and more time to make meals (Leonhardt 638).

People are burning fewer calories and taking in more (Leonhardt 637).

Obesity needs to be looked at like a disease and an epidemic (Leonhardt 638).

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