Sport Tourism in Newcastle, UK.Discuss

Urban Tourism Field Report
Topic Chosen: Sport Tourism in Newcastle, UK
The final report is an individual assignment based on your field notes and the data collected in the fieldwork visit to Newcastle. It should include, as a minimum:
An introduction to urban tourism
Discussion of relevant literature: both urban tourism and literature that relates to your chosen topic
Results and discussion

Breaking down the Project
• Introduction (500 words)
• Literature Review/ Background / Conceptual
Information (1000 words)
• Methodology (500 words)
• Results / Discussion (1500 words)
• Conclusions (500 words)
• Bibliography
NB word count are guidelines

• Purpose Introduce your project
• Introduce Urban Tourism (based on reading)
• What is your project about?
• What is your rationale for completing the project?
• What is your overall aim?
• What objectives have you set (should offer points of analysis and meet overall aim)
• Structure of the project
• Study area: Introduce study area (Newcastle / Type of City/ relationship to topic chosen )

Background / Conceptual Information
• AKA Literature Review
• Purpose: To engage with academic literature, theory and concepts
• This section should be grounded in your reading
• You should cover the literature on Urban Tourism
• Cover the literature on your topic of study, e.g. sport tourism, nightlife tourism
• You should be able to provide a conceptual link between urban tourism and your topic

• PRIMARY DATA : data that you have collected through questionnaires or interviews and observations.
• Purpose: Explain exactly how you organised your research how you intend to collect data!
• How, When and Where
• Methods should be clearly explained and justified
• Quantitative, Qualitative – how did you structure questionnaire or checklists? (put questionnaire in an appendix)
• Limitations – what problems did you face and how could these be overcome?
Results Discussion
• Organise into sections / subheadings
• Explain your results
• Critically analyse your findings
• Present Results Thematically:
• Description to Evaluation
• Link Findings to Theory
• Pay attention to objectives, make sure you are able to address each of these through your data analysis.

• Summary of your main or most important findings
• Answer your research questions (aims and objectives)
• Reflect on project as a whole
• Suggest future projects

• Harvard Referencing format
• Book
• Author, (Year). Title. Publisher, Place of publish
• Journal
• Author, (year). Title of paper. Journal title. Volume. Issues. Page numbers 1-10
• List of references in alphabetical order, do not separate books, journal

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