Strategic Management D4

When working in the area of strategic management, you will often be asked to look at what appears to be a strategic initiative on the part of another company and speculate as to what the strategy behind the initiative really is. In other words, what is the company really trying to do and why? You will find that you have to use your knowledge of business and strategic management to penetrate the rhetoric and determine what is really behind it.

Explore an auto company’s Web site.

What are the highlights of their commitment to the environment??
What steps has this company taken to date to show that it is on track with its new environmental policies?
Are these commitments universal or are they solely U.S based?
In your opinion, what impact do the new and stringent government laws have on the auto industry? Explain.

Are there any links between government bailouts and new environmental leanings by the auto industry?

Choose another company in the US auto industry and characterize that company’s commitment to the environment

Choose a global non- US auto company. What environmental laws are in place in this company’s country of origin? Are these laws different from those in the U.S? In what ways are they stronger or weaker? Environmentally speaking, how do you judge this company’s car/truck production line?

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