Study motion pictures that have become a major expression of humanities since the first motion picture made in 1895.

There is 3 sections that I need to do for this unit. 1st is Unit Purpose and Inquiry question. 2nd Research on Timeline(Need 3 works-cited, also uploaded material). 3rd Unit Summary

(1)The purpose of unit 5 is to study motion pictures that have become a major expression of humanities since the first motion picture made in 1895. Post your inquiry question(s) for this unit. (2-3 Sentence)

(2)Timeline Research (I uploaded material)

If you forget how to contribute a page to a Wiki assignment, please go back to the Orientation unit to review the process.

This semester, our class will create a Wiki on the timelines you see in every unit. Read carefully the information in the unit’s timeline page. Within the page’s limits of the time period and cultural zone, pick one person OR one event as your research topic. You will find zillions of sources on your topic, I’m sure, either online or in the LC library. However, you can only present no more than 100 words of a report.

Don’t forget you are encouraged to make comments on other students’ research if their research is educational, accurate, and contributive to the knowledge base for our class.

After the deadline, you won’t have access to edit your research report nor make comments anymore but everyone can still view the Wiki as reviews or references.

In your Wiki page, please include the following items and arrange them in this order:

1. Type in a title for your page; the best title is the name of the event or person you pick from the timeline of a particular unit.

2. Enter your own Research Report where you will narrate the information relevant to the event or person and its cultural importance. The best report is to use fewer words to convey a lot more information to the audience.

3. MLA style Works Cited section where you document all the sources you use to create this Wiki page on your event or person.
(3) Unit Summary
As a summary, please inform the instructor by posting your answers to these questions: Do you feel your question(s) for this unit is/are answered now? Can you summarize what you have learned from this unit? What else do you wish that this unit should have covered? Give specific suggestions. (4-5 Sentence)

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