Successfully identify a Hebrew term and trace its occurrences in the Old Testament.

Assignment 6: Exilic prophets (cont.): Ezekiel, Daniel
One of the interesting features of ancient biblical languages is the variety and richness
of word meanings and word usage. For example, at least thirteen different Hebrew
words have meanings such as shame, disgrace, reproach, humiliate, etc. Not
surprisingly, these highly emotive words are concentrated in books that refer to Israels
devastating experience of exile.
In this assignment, you will locate two of these Hebrew words, identify the English
transliterations, provide a range of meanings, and then determine how many times they
occur in Jeremiah and Ezekiel.
Begin by locating the Hebrew word translated disgrace twice in Ezekiel 16:52 (NIV).
For your paper, (1) record this word in English transliteration and (2) list some of its
other meanings. Then search for this Hebrew word in both Ezekiel and Jeremiah, and (3)
note the number of occurrences in each book.
Next, repeat these steps for the word translated reproach in Jeremiah 15:15 (NIV).
For extra credit, follow the same steps with a third word for shame that appears with
these other two in Jeremiah 51:51.
TOOLS: To complete this assignment, you have three options:
1) Perform a word search at the Blue Letter Bible website (
Remember to set the version for the search to NIV and then use the LexiConc
tab to access the Strongs number. This number will lead you underneath the
English to the Hebrew word. Click on for a brief tutorial on how
to perform searches at this site.
2) You can also perform a word search in BibleWorks,* an excellent program for indepth
exegesis and study of biblical passages. For instructions, click on the Help
tab and then click on Study Guides. Under Analyzing the Biblical Text you will
find help in performing word and phrase searches.
3) You can also perform a search in Logos,* another excellent computer resource for
those who wish to build a portable, electronic library. For those using Logos 4,
you can check out the video at
for instructions on how to do a simple search. If you own or are using
version 3, the same basic instructions will apply.
4) The seminary also supports the program Accordance.

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