Summary and Response Assignment

Instructions:In this assignment, you will summarize two articles on media violence: one from the textbook (58-73) that you think your \”imaginary friend\” would find most convincing; and one that you find in the library databases that you personally find most convincing. Since you need to be objective when writing a summary, you\’ll also get to explore whether you have an easier time being neutral when you agree or disagree with what you are summarizing. You will get a chance to respond to both articles, but it is important that you separate your summary from your response: In other words, you need to represent both articles fairly and neutrally before you respond to them. Finally, this assignment is your first chance to practice using in-text citations, signal phrases, and Works Cited pages.To do this assignment, complete the following steps:•First, before beginning this assignment, reread the media violence articles on pages 58-73..•Second, go back to the list of “imaginary friends”: EN102_Imaginary_Friends.docx (Source: Montgomery College English Faculty). Choose the imaginary friend whose views you would expect to be most different from yours, and the media violence article that this imaginary friend would find most convincing. (Doing so should mean that you are choosing the article with which you personally find least convincing. You do not need to use the same imaginary friend or the same article you\’ve chosen for previous assignments.).•Third, summarize the media violence article. Again, remember that a summary needs to be objective, so, even though the article you’re summarizing disagrees with your own opinion, you still need to explain what it says in a neutral, unbiased way. Don’t forget to include signal phrases (“Miley writes that…” or “Macklin defends the view that…”) to make it clear to readers that you’re giving an author’s opinion, not your own. The summary of the textbook article should be one paragraph long..•Fourth, use the MC library databases to access either the CQ Researcher or Opposing Viewpoints publications. Find one article that represents your own point of view on media violence. Be sure that you record the exact title, author, and publication information, as well as the search terms you used to find the article. Unlike the article you summarized in Step 3, this article will agree with your own point of view..•Fifth, summarize the database article as objectively as possible in a second well-developed paragraph. As with the article you summarized in Step 3, avoid stating your own opinion..•Sixth, in a third paragraph, explain which article you find more convincing, and why. In addition, briefly explain whether you had a harder time writing objectively about the article you found least convincing (the textbook essay) or the one you found more convincing (the article you found in the databases)..•Seventh, view the \”Avoiding Plagiarism\” presentation and the Jing videos on MLA in-text citations and Works Cited (located in this weekly module). Review your summaries for unintentional plagiarism – missing signal phrases or citations when you have restated the article\’s content in your own words. Also, compare your own in-text citations to the examples (in the presentation, the videos, and Rules for Writers) to be sure the in-text formatting is correct…•For the two articles you summarized, create a Works Cited page that follows the guidelines in the MLA Works Cited video and in Chapter 10 of Practical Argument..•Suggested length: Approximately 600 words..Please use the appropriate font and formatting as well.

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