Superintendent Perceptions of the Necessary Characteristics of Newly Hired Principals

I need assistance in developing Chapter 1 of my dissertation. I have begun with two pages, but am not sure that I am going in the right direction with the how I need to build the story leading up to problem statement.The topic that I have chosen is Superintendent Perceptions of the Necessary Characteristics of Newly Hired PrincipalsI plan to complete a qualitative study and will conduct 15-18 semi-structured interviews of school superintendents in the New York State Area.I am stuck with how to complete the first 6-8 pages of my chapter one.When discussing leadership standards, please use New National Leadership Standards 2015 (See Attached)Chapter 1 needs to include:Introduction (8 pages)Theoretical RationaleProblem statementPurpose statementSignificance of StudyResearch QuestionsDefinition of TermsSummaryI need assistance in developing the introduction – I have written two pages, but it can be restructured if needed. Please provide suggestion for problem statement.I have also attached some articles related to the topic. Please use others when needed.

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