Supervisory Characteristics

Assignment: Prepare a report on the comparison of supervisory characteristics of well-known,successful business leaders.Assignment Instructions: Each student will be responsible for selecting three well-known,successful business leaders (i.e. Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, etc.). Select leadersthat are intriguing to you. Research these leaders to determine what characteristics they wereknown for: consider personality traits, leadership and management styles, and motivationtechniques. Provide thorough discussion to determine if the characteristics you discovered areexclusive to one of the leaders or they are similar for all three.Paper Guidelines:• Content of your paper should be no longer than 3 pages, double-spaced, Calibri/TimesNew Roman/Arial font, and size 12 font.• Paper should be written in APA format.• Include an APA formatted cover-page and include proper citations where necessary onthe reference page.

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