Synopsis on Core Ethics Issue in Readings

Provide a very short synopsis of one core ethics issue. What are the specific ethical concerns? Who are the key stakeholders? Analyze how the different readings approach this issue. Length: 750-1000 words.Articulate an ethical issue that we have covered. Choose 1-3 readings from the week that issue was discussed. Provide a very short synopsis of that ethical issue or question, and how it was addressed by the readings. Following your synopsis, analyze your chosen ethical issue, articulating the different perspectives in the readings. Critically reflect on these perspectives. If you have wrestled with this issue in your education or practice, feel free to address it in light of what you have learned through class and the readings. PLEASE COVER/EXPAND AND ELABORATE ON ALL POINTS THAT ARE ASKED ABOVEthe 2 readings to be focused on their ethical issues have been attached

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