Synthesizing a -3 page double-spaced paper exploring an adolescent topic covered in the health issues.

Synthesizing a -3 page double-spaced paper exploring an adolescent topic covered in the health issues. The paper must explore the lecture and/or the text. You may include course information to introduce the topic, but it is expected that the bulk of the paper contains new information. (course content including eating disorders, dieting, obesity)
For example, adolescent dieting was covered in class, but a student may be interested in recent changes in the Presidents Physical Fitness Test nationwide. Students could search for news articles concerning the changes, find statistical data that represent the current populations rate of childhood obesity or look for YouTube video of the First Lady giving a speech regarding the matter. All of the can be introduced in your paper.
The following are some appropriate resources for this assignment:
Recent statistical data (2010-2012)
Internet hyperlinks to accurate updated information
Multimedia (YouTube, Movies, etc.)
Published journal articles
Newspaper/Online News Articles

Format and use the following headers in your paper:
Introduction: introduce the topic of interest and what you intend to research for the assignment
Research: talk about your research process. Where did you decide to find your information? Why did you decide to use those specific resources?
Discussion: Talk about your findings. What new information did you find? Does this information surprise you? Does this information differ from the current text or support the current text? Include your statistical data here as well.
Conclusion: what were they key takeaways from your research? Did your research change your feeling toward the topic? Would you do anything differently?
Please check your grammar and/or spelling errors.

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