Object relations + psychoanalytic:

Please read the two PDF attachements and answer the following questions:

1. give two examples from the chapter “longing” which illustrate one of either winnicott’s or guntrip’s ideas.
2. by reading the two pdfs, what do you find innovative and refreshing about the work of winnicott? give examples.

chapter 3 Longing from Ragen, Therese, The Consulting Room and Beyond, Routledge, 2009.
chapter 5 W.D Winniott: Pediatrician with a unique perspective from St. Clair, Michael, Object Relations and Self Psychology, Brooks/Cole, 1996.

Child and adolescent development.

Answer the questions for Child and adolescent development:

Question #1: Briefly discuss some key components to biosocial development.

Question #2: Discuss some changes that occur during the cognitive development stage.

Question #3: Compare the difference between initiative and guilt.

Question #4: Why is play an important part of our development?