The American Dream

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Need references or quotes from the book “Justice” by Michael J. Sandel including page numbers

This is the beginning of this paper id like a bid off of what I have

As humans we tend to choose things that will make us happy whether that is a temporary satisfaction or a long-term happiness, we strive to please ourselves and others and avoid pain at all costs necessary. Justice invites us to examine our morals and examine the origins of these philosophies.
Michael J. Sandel does not believe that utilitarianism is an acceptable policy to live by. He believes that “utilitarianism fails to respect individual rights”. He also believes that “the utilitarian logic, if consistently applied, could sanction ways of treating persons that violate what we think of as fundamental norms of decency and respect” meaning that if this way of thinking was utilized by everyone punishment would be much more severe for minimal offenses. What Sandel fails to realize is that there are more views on utilitarianism.

Take- Home Justice Essay Question

The American Dream originated as a means to indicate that America offered more
freedom for social mobility than the more class-bound European countries.  At the core,
freedom is essential to the myth of the American Dream, and yet in many of its forms unlimited
wealth is also a component.  The essay below is one of many that explore the changing faces of
this long-lived myth.
Your task is to write an essay that explores the American Dream in philosophical terms.  It is
important to note that the above formulation and the following reformulations are just part of an
evolving paradigm.  Your job is to set up your own paradigm for an American Dream myth, and
then to establish a theory of how it would be achieved.

You must consider, as Sandel (2009) puts it, “how best to enable individuals to pursue their ends for themselves”(p. 218) or else how  individuals pursue their ends for themselves and in solidarity
with others.  You could also have a telos for individuals and society, and see capabilities as being
defining, as Aristotle suggests.

You can use Sandel with page with date and page numbers as I did above, and just use
(John) Zogby references to the essay below.  You are not required to refer to Zogby.
No reference list is required.

Essay exam format:  Thesis statement, set off as a separate paragraph. (No introduction
Is needed.)  Then write  two well-developed paragraphs, and a 2-3 sentence conclusion
Paragraphs need not be a page long.  I would expect  an essay that is close to 3 pages long.

John Zogby: The American Dream redefined
The new American Dream is embodied in America’s under-30s, John Zogby says
The American Dream
Is the American Dream still achievable in 2011, amid lingering economic hard times, wars and political discord? Veteran US pollster John Zogby says fewer Americans think it is, but many have redefined what that dream means.
Steadily over the past decade, I have witnessed in my polling a fundamental redefinition of the American Dream, even for that matter, the American character.