The Catholic Church on the Necessity of Confession for Salvation.Discuss

Please see the document I have uploaded titled, “Paper Requirements – The Catholic Church on the Necessity of Confession for Salvation”. While I have copied the requirements below, the uploaded document is formatted more clearly and easier to read.

The purpose of this paper is to explain a specific point of Catholic doctrine (The necessity of Penance & Reconciliation (Confession) for salvation), particularly answering the questions:
a) What does the Church teach on the topic?
b) Why does the Church hold this teaching?
* There needs to be a theological foundation of why the Church is teaching your topic (scripture) – there must be foundational passages!

** It is very important that you stick to the Catholic Church’s teaching on the topic. Please try to write the paper as if you are Catholic and put aside any bias you may have. The last paper I had a lot of bias and the writer was unable to stick to the beliefs of the Catholic Church.

The paper will make use of at least one patristic source (i.e., a Christian writing from before 750), and at least one magisterial document (i.e., an official Church document, e.g., a document promulgated by a council.
NB: the Catechism of the Catholic Church will not satisfy this requirement).
Please be sure to include scriptural evidence as well.

**I have uploaded a few documents to help you in understand the topic, some of which can be used as sources.

– Paper should be written in Turabian style.
– Citations should be presented in footnotes (what Turabian terms “notes-bibliography style”).
– Papers are to be typeset entirely in a single 12pt serif font (e.g., Times New Roman).
– The body of the paper is to be double spaced, excepting block quotations.
– Papers are to have the student’s last name and the page number on the upper right corner of all pages except the first.
– Title page: on the first page they should have the following header, single spaced, on the top left corner:
– Author’s Name,
Class number and name (E.g., THEO3349: Christ and the Moral Life),
Professor’s name,
– Submitted
 Below this, after skipping a line, the title of the paper should be produced, singles spaced, centered, and in all caps.
– Below this, again skipping a line, the text of the paper should begin.

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