The Culture and Politics of Cyberspace and the Internet.Discuss

Please pay careful attention to the instructions. Last time I ordered a paper for the same course this is what happened, the professor sent me the paper back telling me that the paper was wrong in every aspect and that I have to do better on the second paper which I want you to write. I will attach the paper to show you the comments of the professor.

The instructions that the professor set for the second paper is:
You will be expected to write three papers paper (5-7 pages each) for the course following the syllabus and the themes developed in each section of course readings: 1) Theoretical Foundations 2) Language and Meaning 3) Ideology and hegemony.

The first paper that was wrong and I got no grade on was on theoretical foundations and the books covered around it. The paper that should be written now is Language and meaning.

the books covered for this section are :

Franz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks.

Stuart Hall, Representation: Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices. (Chps. 1, 3, 6)

Pierre Bourdieu, Language and Symbolic Power

Michel Foucault, Discipline and Punish

Tim Jordan, Cyberpower: The Culture and Politics of Cyberspace and the Internet (pp. 1-99)

Catherine Lutz and Jane Collins. Reading National Geographic.

What the professor wants in this paper is an overarching theme that you chose and write a thesis on. The paper will need to have a thesis and you will have to find an overarching theme in these books to write on.
You have to choose a theme and discuss it through your understanding of the books chosen. No plagiarism would be tolerated. Please make sure to strengthen and support your argument by explaining and providing examples.The essay should show serious engagement with the theories and principles presented in the readings. You should think critically and fully understand the book because the professor knows all of the books and this time the paper has to be perfect in order to compensate for the grade of the first paper. Also, the professor mentioned that you should try to link back to the books covered in the first section of the course which were used in the first paper. Remember, you have to think critically and know these books well in order to discuss an overarching theme through a strong thesis in the paper. Again I WILL HAVE TO EMPHASIZE ON THIS POINT: The essay should show serious engagement with the theories and principles presented in the readings

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