The economic Strategy Journal

The Economist

Quality of the strategy through the ability to coherently represent the events, under the lens of critical observation, with wealth of details, use of economic indicators and visual representations of the Journal. The ability to “grasp” concepts beyond the factuality will also represent a crucial aspect of assessment.

Description of Assignment: During the entire duration of the course, you will need to elaborate an Economic Strategy Journal, inspired by readings extracted by “The Economist”, which will offer, every week, new insights on the state of the world’s economy. Your journal will need to choose one topic and develop its evolution over the period of our course (4 weeks), in which you can report and critically assess the development of a given issue/context, by coherently represent the events, in a cogent and critical manner. The storyline is the most important aspect, where you can historically relate events and analysis.

Please make sure you provide the sources. The length of the deliverable is a 4 page report ( pdf preferred), 1.5 spacing and 12 Font, inclusive of references and appendixes.

Quality Indicators (how will it be graded; what constitutes a good assignment): Depth, breadth and “multiplexity” of the analysis and its stakeholders, will determine the quality of the journal.

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