The Evaluation of the Impact of Mergers and Acquisition on Shareholder Value in the FMCG Industry

The topic is chosen for the Master Accounting and Finance course “Empirical Topics in Accounting and Corporate Finance  It requires date collection from Thomson One Banker database or other resources, it would include:
-position their research in the relevant literature;
-gather and compile data;
-conduct exploratory data analysis;
-measure forecast accuracy; perform event studies; -measure long term operating and financial performance;
-conduct relevant statistical diagnostic tests
by using one of the following technics ( Minitab, STATA, SPSS, EViews)
In attached, there are some good samples to present how the essay should look like, and a coursework outline indicated the related topic covered by the course and should be implied in the essay, as well as a outline for the writing. The outline should not be accounted in the words. Total words include outline should be around 5000 words.

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