“The Good” in life, as defined first by the ancient Greeks, is the final or ultimate end at which our actions aim.

“The Good” in life, as defined first by the ancient Greeks, is the final or ultimate end at which our actions aim. It’s the answer to the question of why you do what you do. For Epicurus, as we’ve seen, it was pleasure, though his explanation is much more complicated than might first come to mind. One is successful when this end is accomplished (adding perhaps the qualification “to the highest degree possible” or “to a reasonable degree”).

Another description is one’s “philosophy of life.” Typically when someone asks the question “What’s your philosophy of life?” I suspect the questioner himself doesn’t quite understand what he is asking. The question might mean “What sense do you make of the way the world is?” or “What’s the purpose of it all?” or “How do you deal with the tribulations of life?” or “Why have you chosen to live in the way you do?” The last interpretation is another way of asking “What’s the Good in life?”
Use references that are after 2010.

Your assignment is to write about what “the Good” will be in your life. What is the end or goal that is the guiding principle that determines why you act as you do? How does this conception of the Good build on the ideas that we have discussed throughout the course? Once you have a preliminary answer, ask yourself what problems there might be with your answer. For example, suppose you choose “wealth” as your goal. I imagine few people truly hold wealth as the final goal. Instead, they want certain goods that wealth usually brings: security, prestige, comfort, and so forth.

Your essay should be a minimum of 7 pages of content (do not count the title page or reference pages) using APA format. As in the previous essay, you must use standard 12 point font, 1 inch margins without extra spaces between paragraphs – papers that attempt to “pad” the length by changing margins/ font/ spacing/ etc, will lose points.
It must include substantive references to all the required readings for this course – Affluenza, The Consolations of Philosophy and In Defense of a Liberal Education, and may also include references from other relevant readings or course lectures as well. It is not enough just to include a quote from each text; you must discuss the relationship between your ideas and those found in the texts. For full credit, you must discuss how your idea of the good goes along with, or contrasts with, the ideas presented by at least 4 philosophers that we covered in Consolations (Socrates, Epicurus, Montaigne, and Nietzsche).
Here is a short bio of me: I am a the oldest child of immigrant parents. I am 28 years old and am recently married. I am an x-ray tech at a hospital center and am now a team coordinator at a clinic. I am happy with my life because of my education, parents, wife and future.

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