The Hazard, Threat, and Incident Annexes

In this assignment, provide more specific elaboration upon the specific area needing improvement that was identified in the Basic Plan assignment previously. (The one you are currently working on. )In this assignment, much more elaboration is to be provided on the Hazard / Threat area needing improvement, or missing altogether, from the selected jurisdictional plan being reviewed by the student.The outline, which students should use for this assignment, is as follows:Specific Elaboration on the Hazard and / or Threat identified by the student as needing more elaborationSpecial Considerations for Preparing for and / or Mitigating Against this Threat or HazardOther Information needed to be provided (the student may use this area for specific Hazard / Threat information provision specific to the jurisdiction that the student has selectedPlease see Unit 5, of the FEMA document below, to review the hazard, threat, and incident annexes. USE THE PAPER YOU ARE CURRENTLY WORKING ON ALSO WHEN IT IS COMPLETE. THIS IS A CONTINUATION FROM PAST ASSIGNMENTS.

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