The hero in Beowulf

For this two-page (double-spaced) short paper, you will argue that a particular passage (less than ten lines, remember that specificity produces strong essay) in the poem Beowulf helps us to understand the poem\’s conception of the hero in a specific way. Choose a scene that you think reveals something about how the poem understands heroism or the figure of the hero (it will be best to choose a passage we have not thoroughly discussed in class). Write about how the scene – in its narrated action, its language or figurative language, or authorial commentary- elaborates upon the idea of the hero.This paper requires you to do three key things:1. describe the scene2. identify a feature or two where you see the theme developed3. explain how those features develop the themeA fourth thing you should have in mind, which you might arrive at last but which you\’ll want to put right up front in the final version, is your argument! This might take a form that looks something like this: \”In this scene, Beowulf\’s speech as he approaches [danger X] and the poet\’s judgement of Beowulf action at line yy-zz show that hero is understood to be thus-and-so.\”Your Paper would then focus on the speech (or some details from it) and the poet\’s judgement (in some specific language), and it would conclude with a statement of how you see these illuminating the idea of the hero.Finally, please give the short paper one informative, specific and witty title.Tip: please write this essay based on the Beowulf text translated by Seamus Heaney. Copyright cc 2000 by Seamus Heaney. Which is given in the \’additional material\’ section.

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