The importing of food products into Canada is a major industry.Discuss

The topic of this paper is The importing of food products into Canada is a major industry. Outline the purpose and basic rules in the World Trade Organization (WTO)s Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS Agreement). Identify and describe the corresponding relevant Canadian domestic legislation which have been put in place to ensure Canadian food importers conduct business in accordance with the SPS Agreement.

I have uploaded a file that contains the Detailed Requirements for this paper. Please read it carefully and follow EVERYTHING in it. Also, in the file, you will see the outline for this paper that I have already submitted to my teacher. Follow the outline and add more than whats in it, don’t limit yourself to whats in the outline only, but follow it and also add more information from your research. Also, in the same file, you will see list of sources, use them but you have to remember that at the end you need to provide at least 6 different sources, and don’t limit yourself to the sources I provided (Please read the section related to the sources). Also, my textbook must to be one of the sources, I have included in the file some pictures of the pages that you can use (Please read the section related to the sources). NOTE that you need to use APA Chicago footnote style citation style (Please read the section related to the citation). Again, follow the requirements CAREFULLY.

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