The Odyssey

The characters and texts we have studied this semester have embodied the personal and social values of the cultural/historical period they belong to and of the author who produced them. The purpose of this second paper is to identify those values in the work you are studying (The Odyssey) and to discuss those values in terms of your own. These values may be broken down as follows:
1. Personal priorities
2. Interpersonal relationships
3. Leadership
4. Sacrifice for others
5. Relationship with god(s)
In a five page, researched paper, identify and discuss these values in the work you are studying and in yourself. Your discussion must be integrated. In other words, address a value in both your text and yourself before moving on to another value topic. Each of your papers should discuss all of the five the values topics listed above.
You are to employ at least five researched sources in writing your paper. Please adhere to the MLA citation method for your in-text citations and works cited list.
You may use the first person in writing this paper.

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