The Potentials and Limitations of Intercultural communication

SOCU1025 has sought to examine an array of issues relating to Intercultural Communication. In thisassignment, you are asked to ‘Explore the potentials and limitations of intercultural communication’.In developing your argument you should draw from the course content in considering key aspectswhich can impinge on the success or failure of intercultural communication (IC).You should draw on real-world examples from the literature (i.e. course readings or other academicsources) as well as your own examples (including examples from your cultural and linguisticinterview) to illustrate the points you are seeking to make. Following are some questions whichrelate to the key aspects of the course content and can help you structure your argument:- To what extent can knowing about invisible cultural codes (verbal and non-verbal)embedded in different languages help IC?- To what extent can one’s socio-cultural & gender identity, as well as how others’ perceiveone’s identity impinge on IC?- To what extent can religion impact on IC?- In what ways can power issues impact on IC?Your essay should be clearly structured, and methodically address a series of points to illustrate thecase you are seeking to make. Don’t try to cover every aspect discussed in this course – chooseseveral key areas (this means more than two) to examine, and discuss these using examples tosupport your points. One way to structure your argument would be to select three areas treated inthe course, and to concisely consider how each demonstrates a potential or limitation of IC. In yourintroduction you should clearly state which aspects of IC you are going to consider more specificallyin your argument. For example, you could decide to answer three questions selected from above, orto make up your own. Your conclusion should summarise the key points of your argument. It canalso include ‘an opening’, i.e. a question you still have or would require further research in yourview.One final point: your argument must demonstrate that you are very familiar with the course contentas well as share your own critical reflection on it, relating it to the references you will use, and yourselected examples, to make your point throughout the development of your argument. Bear in mindthat ‘Critical’ means going beyond summarising key points relating to the essay topic.

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