The review of financial studies

A thesis proposal (mostly preferred on executive compensation) or any other sensible topic in finance. It should have about 100-200 words and should include a comprehensive and up to date recent academic references which are no older than 5 years from top academic financial journals like “the journal of finance, The review of financial studies and the journal of financial economics”. The proposal should clearly state the motivation for the chosen topic and give an indication of the main focus of your writing (i.e. What is the main issue/question under investigation?). You also need to include at least five academic references; these should be recent academic papers. (If you cannot find at least five recent papers, this would indicate that your topic is probably not suitabale for the project.
NOTE: While writing the proposal, it should be noted that, the proposal is for either of the following type of projects: A critical survey of the literature on any finance topic or A critical review of recent developments in the financial world, such as executive remuneration.

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