The Rhetoric of Social Horror in the Nightmare on Elm Street Series.Discuss

Reading Guide #6 Name:
Everyday Nightmares: The Rhetoric of Social Horror in the Nightmare on Elm Street Series
Reading Guide #6: You Be the Professor
Directions: Throughout the semester, we have provided you with strategies and guidance to aid you as you read. Here is your chance to show us what you have learned from the many strategies. You are getting the chance to become the professor for a day. Your job will be to create a 10-15 question content quiz using the information in the article. Of course, you are also required to write a complete answer for each question. Here’s the catch. I will allow you to use your reading guide (quiz) as a resource during our class quiz. This means if you are able to develop a quiz that closely matches my quiz; you could ideally have your answers right in front of you.
Bottom line (what is due): You need to bring to class a quiz that you created. It must have ONLY 10 to 15 questions. You must also answer each question.

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