There has been a substantial rise in the number of refugees. What are the arguments for and against the view that it is in host countries’ best interests to accept refugees?

1-Length: 800 words.
2-Use an appropriate essay Structure.
3-Support points with direct quotations, paraphrases and examples.
4- Use at least one direct quotations and some paraphrases in your essay.
5-Use appropriate vocabulary and grammatically accurate language.
6- Use the APA system of referencing with in-text referencing and a separate list of references.
7- Include a minimum of six (6) different reference sources. These can include the journal article that you are given. Inclusion of the journal article from your Assignment Tutorial Presentation is optional. Do not use more than one (1) website per six references.
8- Submit an electronic copy of the assignment to Turnitin on Blackboard before handing a printed copy in to your teacher.
9- Your assignment must include:
a- Cover page.
b- Your essay.
c- Your reference list.
d- Your outline.

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